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 To Enhance Capacity of NEC, USAID-LASS Prepares Annual Workplan September 1st, 2016

The USAID-sponsored Liberia Administrative and Systems Strengthening (LASS) Project in collaboration with the National Elections Commission (NEC) has formulated its work plan for the year 2016/2017.

The work plan was formulated at the close of a three-day planning workshop held in Monrovia.

The workshop brought together senior and middle level officials of the LASS Project and the National Elections Commission.

The workshop assessed the training needs of the Commission as well as the outstanding and proxy priorities of the departments and units of the Commission and the 19 elections magisterial areas across Liberia.

Speaking at the close of the workshop, the Vice President for Programs of IBI Internation, Robert Reschke, said enhancing the corporate governance capacity of the NEC is important especially at the time when the Commission is preparing for the conduct of the 2017 General Elections.

The LASS project is helping to build the administrative and organizational capacities of the National Elections Commission to enable it conduct free and fair elections with greater efficiency.

The project aims to bolster the core administrative functions of the NEC to enable it plan, budget and implement programs and projects in an effective manner. 

Key areas of focus of the USAID-LASS project include strengthening the Human Resource, Finance, ICT, Procurement, Monitoring and Evaluation and Management Systems of the Commission.

Assistance being provided by USAID under the LASS project is part of the US Government’s program of assistance to Liberia under the General Agreement for Technical Assistance and Cooperation between the Government of Liberia and the US Government and the Development Objective Agreement for More Effective, Accountable and Inclusive Governance.

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