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 NEC Announces Campaign Date for 2014 Special senatorial Election-Launches CVE Campaign November 19th, 2014


The National Elections Commission (NEC) has set November 20 as the official date for the start of political campaign for the 2014 Special Senatorial Election.

The campaign date was announced Monday by the Commission’s Chairman, Jerome Korkoya, at a press conference in Monrovia.

“In keeping with the revised timeline for the 2014 Special Senatorial Election, the Commission is pleased to announce that political campaign will commence on Thursday, November 20, 2014 and end 24 hours before Polling Day.”

Chairman Korkoya called on all candidates and their supporters to go about their campaign activities in a peaceful manner marketing their ideologies and plans for the advancement of their counties in particular and Liberia in general. 

“Please avoid rancor and bitter exchanges. Show respect for each other as you go about your campaign activities. Importantly also, the Commission admonishes all candidates and their supporters to observe all public health regulations instituted by the Government of Liberia and health authorities to prevent the spread of the deadly Ebola Virus Disease during the course of the campaign.  In this regard, the Commission has supplemented the campaign guidelines to ensure compliance with the national health regulations.  For instance, the transportation of large groups of electorates by candidates clustered in vehicles and the congregation of huge number of people will be regulated.” He noted.

A total of 139 candidates have been certified to contest the 2014 Special Senatorial Election. 

He also announced that five Thousand Election kits procured internationally have arrived in country and that the packaging of materials for all 4,701 polling places is ongoing.

The distribution of these materials to the various county warehouses, he said, will commence on November 23, 2014 while the deployment of polling kits to the various polling precincts will begin on December 13, 2014.

Chairman Korkoya also announced the arrival of Two Million Six Hundred and Forty Thousand ballot papers in the country for the Special Senatorial Election.

He said the ballot papers arrived in the country Friday, November 14, 2014 from the Republic of Ghana via the Roberts International Airport and are currently in secured storage under protection of state security personnel.

The Commission’s Chairman indicated that the deployment of ballot papers and other sensitive election materials to the 1,780 polling precincts across the country will commence on December 13, 2014. 

Chairman Korkoya further disclosed that the NEC has recruited 400 electoral supervisors while the recruitment of 24,622 polling staff is ongoing.

“Training of Electoral Supervisors will take place between December 6-8, 2014 and training of the 24,622 poll workers will be done from December 9-13, 2014.  Additionally, 400 civic educators recruited and trained will be deployed throughout the country to disseminate CVE messages for the Special Senatorial Election; Training for both central and county logistics personnel has also been concluded.”  Chairman Korkoya intimated. 

He said the Commission has received applications from ten international organizations for accreditation of 275 observers and that 16 national organizations have submitted names of 3,138 observers to be accredited. He noted that accreditation materials for these international and domestic observers are being printed along with materials for agents of political parties and candidates as well as media representatives. 

For civic and voter education, Chairman Korkoya indicated, that the commission has  collaborated with its partners-the UNDP and IFES-to draw up the appropriate strategies to provide civic and voter education for the Special Senatorial Election. 

He said as a result of this collaboration, 400 civic educators and seven civil society organizations have been recruited for deployment in the 73 electoral districts to carry out community outreach including door-to-door and face-to-face campaign for the election.  Additionally, considering the relevance of gender mainstreaming in the electoral process, 30 women civil society organizations will be deployed in the 15 counties to carry out gender-sensitive awareness, he said. 

The NEC Chairman further noted that in order to facilitate an effective and robust CVE campaign, several educational and awareness materials have been produced for distribution nation-wide. These include posters, flyers, t-shirts, caps, bumper stickers and banners.


“I am pleased to announce also, distinguished ladies and gentlemen of the press, that UNMIL Public Information Section has deployed 7 traditional dance groups to beef up the NEC civic/voter education campaign. The groups which comprise of Musical Union, Flomo Theatre, WIPNET, Crusaders for Peace, Balawala Group, Traditional Peace Theater, Professional Artistic Group and the famous Liberian comedian, Butini, will work alongside civic educators hired by the Commission to create awareness for the election. 

Additionally, the Commission is working with more than 50 radio and television stations across the country for the airing of jingles, dramas and other CVE messages for the election.” The NEC Boss said.

Chairman Korkoya disclosed that the NEC is continuing to collaborate with health authorities to ensure the protection of its staff and electorates against the deadly Ebola Virus Disease during the electoral period. 

He said the following measure have been instituted by the Commission:

  1. 1. All voters and polling staff will be required to wash their hands with chlorinated water at all precincts across the country;
  2. 2. Voters will be required and provisions will be made to ensure that they stand three feet apart in queues at all polling centers on election day; 
  3. 3. Voters will be required to use cotton buds to ink their thumbs before marking the ballot;  and 
  4. 4. Voters will not share pens; they are encouraged to bring personal pens or where necessary, the Commission will provide pens in polling booths that will be routinely sanitized. 


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