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 NEC Appoints New Gender Coordinator March 23rd, 2014

The National Elections Commission has appointed Abratha Doe as Coordinator of the Gender Section of the Commission.

Ms. Doe was appointed recently following a vigorous vetting exercise involving several applicants.

As Head of the Gender Section, Ms. Doe is mandated to mainstream gender and increase women participation within the internal and external workings of the electoral processes of Liberia.

She replaces Mrs. Roseline Nagbe Kowo, who was recently appointed Director of Procurement of the Commission.

Summary of Qualification and Professional Experience of the new NEC Gender Coordinator:

Abratha Doe is a researcher and an activist of peace and gender justice with eight (8) years of considerable exposure and experience in gender and youth issues as well as governance and peace and security in West Africa. She has a wealth of experience from the grassroots, national and regional levels both in academia and policy making.

She is highly skilled and has proven ability in conflict and gender analysis, social science research methods, policy/program formulation, strategies development and implementation as well as project/program management.

Abratha worked with the UNHCR, UNDP and the Humanitarian Information Center (HIC/UN OCHA) on the Refugees, Internal Displaced Persons and the village mapping project for the 2005 Election in which she brought on board the gender perspective of every work in which she was involved.

Miss Doe has also worked as Senior Executive- Secretary and Special Assistant to the Minister of State and Chief of Staff to the President of Liberia.  She served as program coordinator for a local and community based organization (Girls Empowerment Program-GEP) that seeks to promote development through girl’s education and promote community peace efforts in post-conflict Liberia. 

Abratha also founded and coordinated a Knowledge Building and Mentoring Program (KMBP) for young women and girls in three (3) disadvantaged and underprivileged communities in Monrovia. 

The KBMP is a project that exposes young women and girls to the complexities of issues affecting their community, how those issues have affected/hindered their growth and advancement, the opportunities that exist to navigate or overcome those issues for the betterment and advancement of their young lives and equip them to make informed choices for professional or meaningful career path.

She also served as Special Assistant and Researcher in the Political Affairs and International Cooperation Unit at the ECOWAS Commission where she provided a weekly analysis on the security situation in the MRU countries (Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea and Cote d’Ivoire) with emphasis on gender dimension for discussion by the ICG for the region.

She later moved to the Gender Directorate where she served as Gender Advisor/Expert to the Director of Gender Development, Drug, Youth and Sports...of the ECOWAS Commission. In this capacity, she assisted in identifying and developing projects/programs to domesticate resolution 1325 and 1820 on the women peace and security component of the ECOWAS conflict prevention framework. 

She also assisted in developing an ECOWAS Regional Action Plan for the gender engagement in the pursuit of peace and reconciliation in West Africa as well as to operationalize the business incubators for African women enterprises and adviced the Director on gender and youth related issues within the region. 

Abratha previously served as the National Programme Coordinator for the Women, Peace and Security (UN SCR 1325) National Secretariat at the Ministry of Gender and Development as well as the Ministry’s Focal Person for Gender and Security Sector Reform in Liberia.

Abratha is a 2008-2009 African Women Peace and Security Fellow for the Conflict Security and Development Group at King’s College, University of London and Alumni of the African Leadership Center in Nairobi Kenya. 

She served as research fellow and junior professional to the International Peace Institute in New York where she engaged and was exposed to the main Global Peace and Security Policy institutions for learning and networking purposes including the UN headquarters in New York (DPA, DPKO, UNSC etc), the Center for International Cooperation (CIC), the International Center for Transitional Justice (ICTJ), the Conflict Prevention and Peace Forum (CPPF) and the Social Science Center for Research (SSCR). 

Abratha also served as visiting research fellow to several UK and European Institutions including the UK Parliamentarian Group on Africa, International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), European Parliament, European Commission, International Crisis Group (ICG), Corporate and Government Affairs, (MANPOWER), Peace-building Institute (International Alert), Council of the European Union, Department for International Development, and the Geneva Center for Conflict Transformation and Geneva Center for Armed Conflict. She participated in the Advanced International Training Program on the Implementation of Resolution 1325 organized by the Swedish Government in Stockholm, Sweden.

Abratha holds a Master of Arts Degree in Gender, Peace and Security from the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Center in Accra, Ghana. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics and Accounting from the United Methodist University in Liberia. She also earned two post-graduate Diplomas in Public Administration and Women in Management from the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration.

Abratha has represented the Government of Liberia as member of Liberia delegation and/or participated in several global/international conferences and meetings on behalf of the Government  in which she presented Liberia’s perspective on gender and security issues including: ECOWAS Summits in Abuja, AU Summit in Addis Ababa, the President visit to Hawaii, the 10th Anniversary of UN SCR 1325 in New York, presentation of Liberia status report on 1325 in Sierra Leone, Accra Ghana, Nairobi, Kenya, Bogota, Columbia, Abuja, Nigeria, Darfur, Sudan, South Africa, Geneva, among others.  

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