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  Voter Roll Update Exercise Progresses across Liberia February 7th, 2014

The Voter Roll Update Exercise which began on the 29th of January is gaining steam across the 19 Elections Magisterial areas spread across the country.

Reports from Voter Roll Staff across the country indicate that turnout is quite impressive with the targeted categories turning out in their numbers to participate in the exercise.

An estimated 400,000 Liberians are being targeted for inclusion on the Voter Roll Update Exercise.

Of the targeted number, an estimated 250,000 are new registrants or individuals who attained the age of 18 years and above since the 2011 Voter Registration exercise.

They include Liberians who have attained the age of 18 and above since the Voter Registration Exercise of 2011; Liberians who for one reason or another did not resister in 2011 and registered voters who wish to transfer.

Meanwhile, Voter Roll Update personnel of the National Elections Commission (NEC) have detected and turned over to Police in Grand Gedeh County Sixteen Ivorian refugees attempting to register in the ongoing Voter Roll Update Exercise being conducted across the country.

The refugees were detected during the screening process at the Towah Elementary School in Cavalla Administrative District, Grand Gedeh County on Monday, February 3 this year.

During preliminary police investigations, the refugees alleged that the General Town Chief of the area, Daniel Neh, held two separate meetings with them and persuaded them to register in order to vote for an unnamed candidate desirous of contesting the impending October 14, 2014 Special Senatorial Election.

When arrested and investigated by the police, the general Town Chief admitted to persuading the refugees to register but informed the police that two other town chiefs in the area were his collaborators in persuading the refugees to register.

The refugees are from two Refugee camps in the county. 

The Police have charged and forwarded the refugees to the Zwedru Magisterial Court for impersonation and fraudulent registration.

It can be recalled that prior to the start of the Voter Roll Update Exercise, the Elections magistrate of Grand Gedeh County, accompanied by UNHCR and LRRRC Staff,  visited refugee camps in the county, dissuading all refugees against registering during the Voter Roll Update Exercise because the exercise was for Liberians and not foreigners.

Meanwhile, the National Elections Commission is warning against fraudulent activities in the ongoing Voter Roll Update Exercise.

The Commission says it is committed to acquiring a clean Voter Roll for Liberia and it has put into place several mechanisms to detect fraudsters and anyone caught attempting to swindle the ongoing Voter Roll Update Exercise will be prosecuted in line with the laws of Liberia. 

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