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 NEC Cautions Political Parties and Prospective Independent Candidates Against Early Campaigning January 23rd, 2014

Pursuant to Part IV, Chapter VI, section 24 of the Guidelines Relating to the Registration of Political Parties and Independent Candidates, the National Elections Commission (NEC) hereby warns and discourages early campaigning by Political Parties and Independent Candidates desirous of participating in the forth-coming Special Senatorial Election on October 14, 2014 prior to the announcement of the official campaign period.

The Commission in furtherance of its constitutional mandate as stipulated in Section 2.9 (a) of the New Elections Law, however informs all political parties and independent candidates who wish to take part in the 2014 Special Senatorial Election that, in consonance with Section 24.2 of the Guidelines stated above; the following political activities shall be permitted outside the official campaign period:

1. Political party membership drive;

2. Establishment of party offices (both national and local);

3. Fund Raising Activities;

4. Use of Logo/emblems on offices, vehicles and other party                   properties;

5. Holding of political party national and local convention;

6. Political party meetings; and

7. Representational activities, including receiving and responding to         petition from constituencies;

Accordingly, the NEC also declares that absolutely no canvassing for votes shall be allowed outside the official campaign period.

The following activities as spelled out in Section 24.3 of the Guidelines constitute campaign activities:

1. Political Rallies;

2. Political Broadcasts, statement and political messages in print             and electronic media;

3. Use of Posters, Fliers, buntings, advertisement on Billboards,             public and private buildings, lightpoles and the internet;

4. T-shirts, caps and other promotional items; and 

5. Individual Promotional stickers on vehicles.

Consequently, failure to adhere to any of these guidelines shall constitute an election offense punishable under Chapter 10 of the New Elections Law of 1986.

Finally, no activities of political parties and/or independent candidates shall extend beyond the boundaries of the Republic of Liberia.     

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