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 NEC Commissioner Stresses Equal Support for County Offices October 28th, 2013

Commissioner Jeanette Ebba-Davidson of the National Elections Commission (NEC) says the Commission will continuously provide equal support to all of its 19-Magisterial Offices across the country.

Commissioner Ebba-Davidson said, financial and moral support to the 19-Elections Magisterial Offices across the country will not be based on the size or distance of the magisterial areas but on the fact that all elections magisterial offices have the same responsibilities. 

She said the commission will not give preferential support to one Magisterial Office over the other noting that by doing this the commission will be undermining its own statutory responsibilities.

 Cllr. Davidson said, as the process leading to the conduct of the upcoming Voter Roll Update exercise approaches, the Commission will provide the necessary support to all of its local offices across the country to enable them effectively execute their work.  

The NEC Commissioner was responding to two separate documents presented to her by the Assistant Elections Magistrate of Maryland County Thomas H. Wilson and Elections Magistrate Stanislaus N. Wisseh of Grand Kru County during a recent visit to the two magisterial areas in which they highlighted constrains being faced by the two local NEC Offices.

Commissioner Ebba-Davidson and a six-member delegation while in Harper and Barclayville Cities held a one-day working session with staff of the two local NEC Offices during which they discussed strategies for the upcoming Voter Roll Update exercise and the prospects and challenges for the 2014 Special Senatorial Election.

The documents containing constrains from both Harper and Barclayville Magisterial areas  spoke of, among things the continued encroachment of land being occupied by the NEC, the lack of electricity, communication equipment, computers and accessories as well as insufficient fuel and the lack of internet facilities and photocopiers.  

She promised to take the complaints of the magisterial areas to the Board of Commissioners of the NEC noting that these constraints will be adequately addressed by the Commission in the soonest time possible.

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