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 NEC Co-Chairman Attends Inaugural Meeting of World Electoral Management Bodies in South Korea October 16th, 2013

The Co-Chairman of the National Elections Commission Cllr. Sarah Jegede-Toe has left the country to attend the Inaugural Assembly of the Association of World Electoral Management Bodies (A-WED)  in the South Korean Capital, Seoul.

Commissioner Toe is in the Republic of South Korean at the invitation of the Association of World Elections Management Bodies, through the National Election Commission of South Korea.

A-WED seeks to build a network between electoral management bodies around the world to enable them share knowledge, information and experience with the goal of strengthening the capacities of people involved in electoral management through education and training.

The A-WED invitation prayed that the participation of the NEC Co-Chairman  at the ceremony will greatly contribute to the advancement of democracy across the world, and ensure the reinforcement of professionalism in elections management bodies and contribute to the enhancement and exchange of ideas and cooperation.  

While in that country, Commissioner Toe will also join 150 elections management bodies and international organizations involved with elections to participate in the 6th Global Election Organization (GEO) Conference.

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon is also attending the ceremony.

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