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 Steering Committee Exerts Efforts Towards The Success of Voter Roll Update Exercise September 17th, 2013
The Voter Roll Update Steering Committee today held its ninth meeting in Monrovia discussing issues that are relevant to the smooth conduct of the forthcoming Voter Roll Update exercise of the Country. The Voter Roll Update Exercise will be conducted from January 13 to March 5, 2014.

Constituted by the Board of Commissioners of the NEC in July this year, the Committee meets once a week.

It is chaired by Commissioner Jonathan Weedor and comprises the heads of the Departments of Operations, Administration and External Relations. 

Other members of the committee are drawn from all sections of the Commission, including Civic/Voter Education, Communications, Gender, Training, Political Affairs, Finance, Legal, Internal Audit, Field Operations, Monitoring and Evaluation, Data Center, IT, Field Communications and Project.

The Electoral Assistance Division of the United Nations and the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) are observers at meetings of the Steering Committee.

Issues discussed at the Monday’s Meeting of the Voter Roll Update Steering Committee include the completion of CVE brochures and wordings for fliers, posters, bumper stickers as well as the airing of Jingles, update of the procurement of logistical materials for the Voter Roll Update Exercise, data Center and IT activities related to the update exercise, among others.

The Voter Roll Update Exercise is intended to include on the Voter Roll of Liberia, eligible voters in the following categories:

  1. 1. Liberians who had attained the age of 18 and above since the Voter Registration Exercise of 2011 in concert with Article 77 (b) of the Liberian Constitution;
  2. 2. Liberians who did not register during the Voter Registration Exercise of 2011, including returnees and;
  3. 3. Registered Voters who have relocated since the Voter Registration Exercise of 2011 and want to be captured under New Voter registration Centers.

The Voter Roll Update Exercise will be conducted by 200 teams of 5 members each who will be recruited and trained by the National Elections Commission (NEC).

These mobile teams will spend three days at each of the 1,780 Voter Registration Centers in the country.

Each team will be assigned at least one laptop containing a searchable database of the current Voter Roll of the entire country generated during the 2011 Voter registration Exercise. 

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