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 Open Dialogue with Political Parties Emphasized July 12th, 2013

A Commissioner at the National Elections Commission (NEC), Samuel Joe, has emphasized the need for an open dialogue to subsist between the commission and all registered political parties operating in the Republic of Liberia. 


Commissioner Joe and NEC Staff at UP Office

Commissioner Joe said if these open dialogue initiatives occur between political parties and the NEC, it will help in advancing Liberia’s democracy which hinges heavily on the regular conduct of elections.

The NEC Commissioner made the assertion Wednesday when he paid an acquaintance visit to the Headquarters of the Unity Party (UP) in Congo Town. The visit is a continuation of his familiarization tour of political parties’ headquarters that he has oversight responsibility of.

According to Commissioner Joe, during his tenure as Commissioner of the NEC he will encourage the culture of non-interference in the resolution of internal party disputes, adding:  “it will be prudent for political parties to implore a methodology of resolving their internal party conflict within the ambit of the law.

“I will love to see a cordial working relationship between the NEC and all registered political parties in the country”, Commissioner Joe stressed.

Welcoming Commissioner Joe and team to the UP Headquarters, Wilmot Paye, UP Secretary General, welcome the open dialogue initiatives espoused by Commissioner Joe.

Secretary Paye said under the Inter-Party Consultative Committee (IPCC) forum, the NEC and political parties have been able to discussed a number of sticky issues surrounding the advancement of the electoral process in the country. He promised a cordial working relationship with the New Board of Commissioners.

Commissioner Joe has oversight responsibility of the Union of Liberian Democrat (ULD), Liberia Reconstruction Party (LRC), Movement for Progressive Change (MPC), Liberia Equal Right Party and the Unity Party (UP). 

So far, Commissioner Joe has visited the headquarters of the (ULD), the (MPC) and the Unity Party. Meanwhile, Commissioner Joe’s familiarization tour of political parties’ headquarters under his watch continues.

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