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 NEC-UNDP Begin Civic/Voter Workshop for Assistant Elections Magistrates August 21st, 2013

Commissioner Davidetta Browne-Lansanah of the National Elections Commission (NEC) says massive civic and voter education is very important to the successful conduct of the ensuing Voter Roll Update and the October 2014 Special Senatorial Election.

Commissioner Browne-Lansannah said a massive CVE program across the country will enable eligible voters to participate in all aspects of the electoral process and thus lead them to making informed decisions.

Commissioner Browne-Lansannah who has oversight of CVE at NEC made the call Wednesday at the start of a three-day Civic and Voter Education Training being conducted for Assistant Elections Magistrates from across the fifteen counties of Liberia.

She called on the assistant elections magistrates participating in the workshop to use the knowledge being acquired from the workshop in the enlightenment process of Liberians on the 2014 electoral process.

The Three day workshop is being held under the CVE Module of the Building Resource In Democracy Governance and Elections (BRIDGE) Training Framework.

The workshop is being conducted by the NEC in collaboration with the Electoral Assistance Division of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

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