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 Women Legislative Caucus Chairperson Underscores the Need For Women’s Increased Participation in Political Activities…. At Gender and Elections Dialogue August 15th, 2013








The Chairperson of Women’s Legislative Caucus, Josephine Francis, has outlined several obstacles that make women's participation in electoral processes more difficult than that of their male counterparts. 

Representative Francis named the obstacles as family responsibilities and economic obstacles that make access to capital difficult.

She said as potential voters, candidates and observers women have the right to participate in every level of the electoral process. 

“For this reason, the integration of the gender concept into the electoral process must not be reduced to mere sensitization of women as voters, given their large representation, but must also integrate this concept with a view of promoting women's participation in the electoral process as candidates, observers, political parties witnesses and or members of the electoral administration.” The Montserrado County Representative intimated.

She said the full and equal participation of women as well as the integration of gender perspective are key to democratic electoral processes in post conflict situations. 

She disclosed that a gender sensitive constitutional and legal framework, especially electoral laws and regulations, are necessary instruments that ensure that women can fully participate in such processes.

Representative Francis noted that Political parties can play a crucial role in promoting women's equal participation. 

“A diverse range of actors have responsibility of enhancing attention to gender equality and ensuring women's full participation in post conflicting elections, including Governments, the United Nations Security Council, Regional and Sub regional Organizations, the Media and civil Society.”

The Montserrado County Representative made the remarks Friday at the opening ceremony of a Day-long Dialogue with Political parties held in Monrovia.

The dialogue was jointly conducted by the National Elections Commission (NEC) in Monrovia in collaboration with the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (International IDEA) 


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