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 NEC Co-Chairman Stresses the Importance of Effective Communication in Electoral Activities……… NEC begins the formulation of a Communications Strategy May 24th, 2013

The Co-Chairman of the National Elections Commission (NEC), Cllr. Sarah Jegedeh-Toe, says the Commission desires an objective and open Public Information and Outreach Program that will serve the greater good of the Liberian people in the growth of democracy in the country.

Cllr. Sarah Jegede-Toe said such is dependent upon the formulation of an effective communications Strategy for the Commission.

Cllr. Toe disclosed that the success of every electoral jurisdiction the world over hinges upon the effectiveness of how information is disseminated to the public. 

“This cannot be done in the absence of a framework that would guide the flow of information.” the NEC Deputy Boss intimated.

The NEC Co-Chairman made the disclosure Thursday at the start of a day-long consultative forum on the formulation of an effective Public Information Strategy for the Commission held by the NEC in collaboration with the Electoral Division of the United Nations Development Program.

“we desire an objective and open Public Information and Outreach Program at the commission, one that will serve the greater good of the Liberian people in promoting our growing democracy; we ask that you openly and positively contribute in an objective manner towards the development of this strategy. Please speak out on how this document will serve your best interests and the interest of the Liberian people in general.” The NEC Co-Chairman concluded.

The forum was intended to solicit the views and inputs of media editors and representatives of civil society organizations in formulation process of the strategy.

The UNDP has hired the services of an international Public Information Consultant from the United Kingdom, Mr. David Ward, to work with the Public Information and Outreach Section of the Commission in order to develop the Commission’s Communications Strategy.

As part of efforts to develop this framework, Mr. Ward and the Public Information Section of the Commission have begun holding series of consultations with stakeholders to solicit their inputs in the development process of the Strategy.

A similar forum was held Tuesday, May 21, 2013 with Political parties. 

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