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 Elections Technicians Galvanize Jumoi Residents May 3rd, 2013


Conducting election in difficult terrain can be nightmarish but yet the election management body will have to brave all odds to ensure that they conduct the election in keeping with the key electoral dates come what may. So it is with the current Grand Bassa Senatorial By-election. Jumoi, is a town in Grand Bassa County that cannot be accessed via Buchanan. It is considered the most difficult terrain in the conduct of the Grand Bassa Senatorial By-election. Poll workers must traverse deep rivers and use ‘Monkey Bridge’ to visit some polling places in and around Jumoi. To enter Jumoi, the NEC elections workers had to use the Monrovia-Gbarnga route. Between Totota and Jumoi, the road was virtually inaccessible as a result of the many damage bridges. But the NEC team, working in collaboration with the locals, revamped most of the damaged bridges as captured in the photo gallery above.

At the head of a NEC team, Chairman Jerome Korkoya visited Jumoi in the lead-up to the By-election after the road was conditioned. Thanks to NEC election technicians intervention.

Elections Technicians Galvanize Jumoi Residents.......For the purpose of the Grand Bassa County Senatorial By-election, the National Elections Commission (NEC) divided the county into Six Zones.

Jumoi is the most difficult terrain and hard to reach spot. In electoral terms, it is an inaccessible area. But the NEC team braved the situation and set up their electoral office in the lead-up to the May 7, 2013, Grand Bassa County Senatorial By-election.

Setting up of the office was not an easy task for the NEC team which comprised of Barsee L. Kpangbai, Lower Bong Count Election Magistrate, Saye Zelabah, Regional Coordinator and Kollie Lamadine, Aissitant Magistrate, Gbarpolu County. The team was instrumental in mobilizing and rallying the locals to help in reconditioning aspects of the road leading to Jumoi.

Initially, to get the team vehicles and motorbikes in Jumoi proved very difficult. But using their experience and expertise, they were successful in galvanizing residents of Jumoi and surrounding towns to help in the repair of over four bridges leading to the town. In fixing the bridges, residents fell logs and with financial assistance from the NEC, they were able to fix the bridges which have not been fixed for many years according to John Binda, Clan Chief of Jungle Clan where Jumoi is situated.   

The NEC team also led the Jumoi’s resident in filling in pot holes on the road as well brushing the side of the road.

Located in Glakor Statutory District, Grand Bassa County, Jumoi is the central point in the middle of 18 Polling Places spread over 11 Voting Precincts. 

To effectively conduct the by-election in that part of Grand Bassa County, Magistrates Kpangbai said that there are two Gender Monitors, four Civic Educators coordinating the civic education intervention initiatives along with others NEC staff.

Briefing the NEC Chairman Jerome Korkoya during a recent assessment tour of Jumoi, Barsee Kpangbai said they provided two sets of Jerseys to the youth of Jumoi and Garneo towns and organized a soccer tournament.

He said an additional set of jersey was given the winning team. These donations, Barsee divulged essentially enticed the residents in helping to fix all the bad spots on the road leading to Jumoi Town. 

A cursory glance of the road suggests that fleet of vehicles can now enter Jumoi.---------

Jumoi which is located in Grand Bassa County cannot be accessed via way of Buchanan. All NEC staff deployed in that area have to be ferried there using the route via Kakata-Gbarnga highway. And a left turn from Totota to Fenytoli must be negotiated before one can enter Jumoi after over four hours drive on a very bad road.

Magistrate Barsee and team who have been stationed in Jumoi for over two months, said of the 11 Voting Precincts eight were in-accessible and poll workers will have to traverse rivers in order to get election materials to polling places.

Barsee informed the NEC Chair that since their deployment in Jumoi, residents have been very corporative and accommodative.

Also welcoming the NEC Chairman to Jumoi, the Town Chief of Jumoi-------- said they were happy to see the ------Chairman of the NEC stressing, “this is the first time in the history of Jumoi that we have seen election workers, we are so gratified by your presence here today.”

Making brief remarks at a welcoming ceremony, Chairman Korkoya encouraged all residents of Jumoi who are registered voters to turn out en-masse on May 7, 2013 to exercise their franchise.


Chairman Korkoya asserted that it was a civic responsibility on the part of registered voters to always turn out and vote when the opportunity avail itself.

Chairman Korkoya visit to Jumoi was the last in a series of visit he paid to all the six zones carved up for the conduct of the May 7, 2013 by-election.

The NEC boss was accompanied by Lamin Lighe, Acting Executive Director for Operation and Nathan N. Mulbah, Public information Officer.     

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