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 Four Candidates qualify to Contest Grand Bassa County By-Election…..NEC Declares the start of Campaigning April 15th, 2013

The National Elections Commission (NEC) has notified four aspirants of their acceptance to contest the Grand Bassa County Senatorial By-Election due to take place on May 7, 2013.

The aspirants  include T. Wah Bedell of the National Patriotic Party, Daniel Lymus Chea, an Independent, Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence of Liberty Party and Jonathan Lambort Kaipay of Unity party.

The four aspirants were notified by the commission at a Press Conference held Friday in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County, by the Chairman and members of the Board of Commissioners of the NEC.

NEC Chairman Jerome George Korkoya said the aspirants were declared qualified to contest the By-Election following a thorough appraisal of the nomination documents submitted by them to the Commission during the Nomination Exercise which ran from March 11 to 26 this year.

Chairman Korkoya also announced the start of campaigning in the By-Election during the Press Conference. He urged the candidates and their supporters to go about their campaign activities in a peaceful manner.

“The Campaign period should be used to market your ideology and plans for the advancement of the county and Liberia. Please avoid rancor and bitter exchanges. Show respect for each other as you go about the campaign,” Chairman Korkoya intimated.

The Campaign period  runs from April 12 to mid night, May 5, 2013.

The Chairman also revealed that during the Replacement Period of Lost or Damaged Voter Registration Cards, a total of 2454 Voter registration Cards were replaced. Of the number of cards replaced, Cllr. Korkoya said, 1863 were males and 591 were females.

He also revealed that Civic and Voter Education activities which started on March 14 are ongoing across the county and would end on May 6, 2013.

Grand Bassa County comprises five electoral districts, 124,280 registered voters, 176 Voting Precincts and 336 polling centers.

For the purpose of the By-Election, the county has been divided into six zones and each zone comprises three senior elections personnel who comprise elections magistrates, assistant elections magistrates and regional coordinators drawn from other elections magisterial areas and four regions of the country to complement the efforts of NEC staff in Grand Bassa County for the successful conduct of the By-election.

Three civil society organizations and two cultural troupes recruited from the county are currently assisting in the ongoing Civic and Voter Education activities in Grand Bassa, while eighteen gender monitors and forty eight town criers and civic educators also recruited from the county in concert with the Decentralization Policy of the Commission are currently conducting Civic and Voter Education Exercise in all parts of Grand Bassa County.

A total of 1680 poll workers are due to be recruited from the county for polling activities. 

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