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 NEC Acting Chairman to Observe USA Elections November 6th, 2012

 Press Release

(NEC/ November 2, 2012/Monrovia) The Acting Chairman of the National Elections (NEC), Cllr. Elizabeth J. Nelson at the head of a two-member delegation, has departed the country to observe the United States 2012 Presidential election.

According to the invitation extended the NEC Acting Chairman, the NEC delegation and other delegations from around the world will also form part of an observational mission of Polling Sites in the Washington DC area.

While in the States, Cllr. Nelson and delegation will attend a conference marking the 25th Anniversary of the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) and will also be taken on an educational tour of cultural and historical sites and scenes in the United States of America.

Meanwhile, the Acting Co-Chairman of the Commission, Commissioner Jonathan Weedor, will act as Acting Chairman while Cllr Nelson is away.

The United States election observation mission of the NEC is part of a series of post-election capacity building initiatives that the NEC has undertaken since the conduct of the 2011 Presidential and Legislative elections.

Recently, over 35 employees of the NEC benefitted from different strands of electoral trainings and elections observation missions at different electoral jurisdictions.

At the same time, a delegation of elections magistrates and secretaries is due to depart the country shortly to observe the legislative and presidential elections of the neighboring state of Sierra Leone.

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