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  November 1st, 2011

Statement of Resignation by the Chairman of the

National Elections Commission, Hon. James M. Fromayan
The Standard Bearers and Members of Political Parties
Independent Candidates
Members of the Diplomatic Corps
International Partners
Religious and Civil Society Leaders
The Liberian National Student Union and the Federation of Liberian Youths
The Liberia Marketing Association and the National Labor Union of Liberia
The Press Union of Liberia
My Fellow Voters
People of Liberia
“To everything there is a time and a season to every purpose under the heavens”. It is my conviction that Liberia is at the crossroads and this is the time for institution building and strengthening of our emerging democracy. Our economy is poised to take off and we all look forward to our people enjoying their God given natural resources.
There is no doubt that all of this rest upon the choice of our people to exercise their constitutional rights by electing their national leaders in a peaceful, free, fair and transparent manner. 
Constitutionally, the National Elections Commission (NEC) is clothed with the authority to guarantee that elections are held in a free, fair and credible atmosphere but above all, the Commission derived its moral authority from the confidence of the people of Liberia in the ability of the NEC to freely and impartially conduct elections. There is no doubt that in some cases public sentiment could become stronger than the law.

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