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 Statement by the Chairman of the National Elections Commission (NEC), Hon. James M. Fromayan in Preparation for the November 8, 2011 October 28th, 2011

Presidential Run-Off Election


Thursday, October 27, 2011


Heads of Political Parties

Candidates, Local and International Observers

Colleagues of the Board of Commissioners and the NEC Family

International Partners

Members of the Fourth Estate

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen


On behalf of the Board of Commissioners of the National Elections Commission (NEC), I wish to extend heartfelt thanks and appreciation to the people of Liberia for the achievements made thus far in the 2011 electoral process.



In similar manner, the NEC extends thanks and appreciation to all of the political parties and independent candidates that participated in the first round of the Presidential and Legislative elections, especially the Unity Party and the Congress for Democratic Change for obtaining first and second highest valid votes respectively, thereby qualifying the two parties for a Presidential Run-Off election planned for November 8, 2011.



Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, the NEC wishes to clarify that at no time has it down played concerns or complaints from political parties or independent candidates in any form or manner. The NEC is engaged with all of the political parties through the Inter-Party Consultative Committee forum and has strived to maintain a good relationship with all of the parties.




Also during the announcement of progressive results by the NEC, it was underscored that there were indications that a Run-Off election was imminent for the Presidential category of the elections. Against that background, the NEC immediately put into motion preparations for the said Run-Off election.


 As of today, the NEC is pleased to announce to the people of Liberia that a total of 2.6 million ballots have been printed and brought into the country from Ghana. They are currently being packaged for deployment to the 1,780 voting precincts across the country which will be distributed to the 4,457 polling centers in the fifteen counties of Liberia. In that case, deployment of electoral materials will take place from October 28 – November 7, 2011.

Fellow Liberians, Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen of the Press, it is written that “to err is human”, and the NEC in honesty wishes to acknowledge an error that was made in the notice to the Congress for Democratic Change.


Our internal investigation revealed that the letter in question derived from the Public Information Section of the Commission, and as a result of the undue embarrassment brought to the Commission, the Board of Commissioners has reached the decision to dismiss the Director of the Public Information Section, Mr. Bobby W. Livingstone with immediate effect. Additionally, the Public Information Officer, Mr. Nathan Mulbah has been suspended for a period of six months with immediate effect for his role in this regrettable situation.



The dismissal and suspension of these respective individuals is based on the fact that they drafted the letter in question and after the system detected that error and directed that the changes be made, they neglected to do so. Instead, they by-passed the system and inserted the documents in question among several documents that were presented to the Chairman for signature. The Commission takes a dim view of this unprofessional act, and decided to sever professional relationship with these individuals.



It must however, be noted that this error does not in any way change the total number of valid votes obtained by the Unity Party which is 530,020 or 43.9% and the Congress for Democratic Change which is 394,370 or 32.7% as was formally announced and posted on the NEC’s website.



The NEC therefore invites the public to visit its website ( to verify the breakdown of the results from all polling places. Meanwhile, the NEC has put into place appropriate internal measures to guide against the re-occurrence of such situation.


Once again, the NEC wishes to assure the people of Liberia, various political parties and interest groups as well as the international community that all is being done to ensure that the forthcoming Presidential Run-Off election will be held in a free, fair and transparent manner.  





I thank you!!!!

As indicated during the announcement of the final results of the October 11, elections, the NEC informed the Liberian people that a total of 53 complaints were filed with the Commission. Those complaints have been adjudicated except for eight which are pending, including the one from the Congress for Democratic Change which is currently being heard and is scheduled for final resolution on Friday, October 28, 2011.

The large turnout of 71.6% of the voting population during the October 11, 2011 Presidential and Legislative elections is a clear indication of the determination of Liberians to elect their national leaders in a democratic manner. For the first time in the history of elections in Liberia, all of the 4,304 national and international observers who closely observed the elections throughout the country were unanimous in their verdict that the October 11 elections were held in a free, fair and transparent manner.

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