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 ECOWAS, Nigerian Missions to Observe Liberian Elections September 14th, 2011

The Chairman of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and President of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan, has promised to send teams of observer mission to observe the October 11, 2011 presidential and legislative Liberian elections.

This was disclosed by the Nigeria Charge D’ Affaires accredited near Monrovia, Mike G. Omotosho, during the presentation of logistical items to the National Elections Commission. Mr. Omotosho said, President Jonathan has also directed that ECOWAS will send election observers to Liberia.

”Also, being Chairman of ECOWAS’ presidents, he (President Jonathan) has also assured that ECOWAS monitors will be in Liberia for the coming elections,” revealed Mr. Omotosho.

 Items presented to NEC include 10 vehicles, 30 computers, and two giant photocopiers. The disclosure comes following an appeal made by the NEC Chairman’ James Fromayan for more elections observer missions to participate in the Liberian electoral process so as to enhance the transparency of the process.

Earlier, Chairman Fromayan   called on friendly countries and international organizations to send observer missions to observe the forthcoming Presidential and Legislative elections. Mr. Fromayan said he wants African Union, ECOWAS and Nigeria, among others to be fully represented during these elections.  According to him, the presence of the observer missions is necessary because their role will lend creditability to the whole electoral exercise. He said NEC has nothing to hide, therefore needs   involvement   of the observer missions in the pending elections.

“…because people who have any intention to play  games will not call for observation missions to come and see what they are doing ; only when you have something to hide will you keep people away and so we will open the process as wide as it can be for observers to come in,” averred Mr. Fromayan .

The NEC boss expressed profound gratitude to the Nigerian government and people   for the donation, saying the items provided will enhance NEC’s capacity in trying to make sure that the forthcoming elections are acclaimed by all to be free, fair and transparent.

“As a way of showing our appreciation we would like to assure you that the electoral process will be free, fair and transparent, and we will conduct these elections at par with Nigerian recent elections acclaimed by local and international communities as free, fair and transparent,” vowed Chairman Fromayan.  


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