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  September 7th, 2011

NEC Consults with Media Executives

In the aftermath of the National Referendum with the results portraying a resounding ‘NO’ to all the four propositions, the National Elections Commission has embarked on consultative meetings with stakeholders across the country. On September 7, 2011, the Commission held one of such meetings with media executives at its headquarters in Monrovia.

During the well-attended meeting, the Chairman of the Commission, James M. Fromayan, gave an update on the voter registration exercise, delineation of electoral boundaries, nomination of candidates, the publication of provisional list of candidates and the just ended referendum.

 According to Chairman Fromayan, the non-passage of the Article 83 (b) in the referendum has a serious repercussion on the conduct of run-off elections for the Presidency and Vice Presidency as well as all of the legislative seats.

He further said to conduct the run-off in two weeks in the phase of the huge task associated with deploying logistical materials and polling staff is something that has the potential of posing a serious challenge to the Commission.

Media executives at the meetings acknowledged the challenge and advanced various suggestions as a way forward.

It was suggested that the Commission accost the Legislature with the view of seeking an extension in the run-off period by two weeks.

Meanwhile, the commission will meet with other stakeholders in the days ahead to carve up strategies that could help the commission navigate through what could potentially be a political imbroglio.         

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