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 Final NEC Commences Replacement of Lost/Damaged VR Cards June 14th, 2011

In keeping with the key electoral dates for the conduct of the National Referendum and the Presidential and General elections, the National Elections Commission (NEC) on June 13 commenced the replacement of lost/damaged voters’ registration cards to afford voters who may have either lost or damaged their card to have them replaced. The exercise is expected run till June 27, 2011.

According to the Executive Director of the NEC, Mr. John K. Langley, the replacement exercise will only take place at the NEC magistrate’s offices in the 15 political sub-divisions of the country. Mr. Langley stressed that unlike the Voter Registration exercise when all voters registered at Voter Registration centers, all voters opting to replace their cards, should proceed to the county Magistrate’s offices. “This replacement is not a new voter registration exercise - it is only intended to replace cards of those who registered, but have either damaged or lost them”, Mr. Langley clarified.
In some counties where there have been numerous complains of lost and damaged cards, the magistrates will carried out mobile replacement of such cards.
NEC has 19 elections magisterial areas across the country. In Lofa, there is a magistrate office in Voinjaman and Kolahun; in Nimba, there is a magistrate office in Tapita and Sanniquiellie while in Bong there is an office in Totota and Gbarnga and in Montserrado, there are offices in Broadville and Bensonville respectively. All of the other counties elections magisterial offices are based in the county’s capital city respectively.
The NEC is once again reminding all voters who have misplaced or damaged their cards to take advantage of the replacement exercise, as no one will vote in the coming elections without a valid voter registration card.


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