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 NEC Takes Referendum Awareness Drive to Universities May 30th, 2011

The National Elections Commission (NEC) and the Africa Methodist Episcopal (AME) University held   a one-day sensitization campaign on Wednesday, May 18, 2011, on the impending national referendum at   the University’s campus in Monrovia. The campaign was aimed at providing civic /voters’ education on the referendum slated for August 23, 2011. The campaign was a sequel to civic/voters’ education campaign for the referendum that the commission has taken to various universities across the country.

In his statement, the Chairman of NEC, James M. Fromayan, said  the NEC delegation was elated by the huge interest the AME University continue to demonstrate in the processes leading to the conduct of the referendum, legislative and presidential elections. Chairman Fromayan told the students and lecturers at the University that  his mission was to give them the message he had  delivered    at the University of Liberia earlier. He said, it is important for everyone to get involved in the sensitization drive for the conduct of a successful referendum.
The NEC Chairman observed that some people could easily say they were not interested in politics, adding, whether one was interested in politics or not, political decisions have an impact on the lives of everybody either directly or indirectly. Therefore, everyone needed to participate in the process leading up to the referendum and the election itself.
Chairman Fromayan   noted that the sensitization campaign was geared toward providing explanations on why the nation will be conducting a referendum and an in-depth understanding of the four propositions that will be tested in the referendum.
Speaking further, the Chairman  said the NEC believes the sensitization campaign will enhance University students and lecturers’ understanding of the referendum so that  they will be able to carry and explain the message to  their    compatriots who are not fortunate to be at their level. He stressed that the method will help the people in understanding the referendum and be able to make an informed decision.
As part of the sensitization program, some NEC officials made presentations on a number of referendum topics including the four propositions of the referendum. The presentations were followed by questions, answers and comments from the participants. In his closing remarks, lecturer Fanoh Dorh of AMEU thanked the NEC for the forum and promised that the messages relating to the referendum would be spread in an appropriate manner.

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