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 Produce Evidence against Fromayan or Forever Hold Your Peace May 26th, 2011

 By Flomo T. Sumotama  

The airwaves have lately been tossed by incoherent rattling by individuals from some political parties calling into question the credibility of Chairman James M. Fromayan and some Commissioners of the National Elections Commission (NEC), citing closed links with President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and the governing Unity Party.

Without any concrete evidence, these claimants have blended with a loaf of incendiary representation the postulate that in its present composition, the NEC is incapable to reside over a free and fair election in the Liberia in 2011.

These cynics, some of whom are political  hopefuls have emerged on the crest as so called liberators that have come to liberate Liberians who are  erroneously portrayed to be in some imagined political bondage and need the pedigree and tapestry of politicians such as these to rescue them from the dungeon.

Some of these folks are claiming that Chairman James M. Fromayan enjoys close ties with the incumbent President Sirleaf dating it to the late 1980s when he and the current Liberian President were comrades championing the cause for democratic pluralism; a struggle that cost them so dearly, at one point landing them into the famous post stockade and famous Beleh Yala maximum prison.

The proponents offurther argue that Chairman Fromayan supported Madam Sirleaf during the 1997 elections and are also accusing him of campaigning for Madam Sirleaf to Head the Transitional Government in 2003.

Interestingly however, every timethe argument is raised, it is correspondingly demystified with the forceful counter argument that no wrong was created by Chairman Fromayan in the exercise of his right to affiliate with any political establishment as a Liberian.

The individuals who have been consumed by the removal of Fromayan, have failed to realize that the ground beneath them has shifted for failure to present tangible and concrete evidence to point to the wrong the Chairman has committed for which he should recuse himself from the electoral process.

For it is written, “members of the National Elections Commission shall be nominated by the President and are to be confirmed by the Senate and shall serve a tenure of six years.” The law also says that a Commissioner may be removed from office for proved misconduct.” The premise cited under current the circumstance is faint and a fundamentally flawed argument which has no basis at all.

The mere fact that one does like the aroma of my cologne can in no way be juxtaposed with my competence and credibility to do the job. In this era of modernization,   conspiracy theories are bowing to material and ideational thinking. A claim of this nature is farfetched. It should be removed from the rambling of an empty discourse.

In other words, those individuals who feel that James Fromayan and colleagues have transgressed the rules should be forthcoming with pieces of incontrovertible evidence to point to the iniquity committed since his incumbency. Up to this moment, the accusers of Fromayan have never produced a single piece of convincing evidence. As the lawyer would posit, it is not even the preponderance that matters here, but prima facie, clear and convincing evidence will bring the matter to a res judicata.

So what is their fear? Unless there is something sinister to derail the electoral process, let the facts come out so that Mr. Fromayan can have his day to face his accuser at the proper forum. A forum that hears before it condemns.

Fromayan has made his position clear: “I was a founding member of the Liberia People’s Party (LPP). I have never been a back bencher in the political struggle of this country. I have been a lecturer of political science.  Also as a former Chairman of the Vanguard Student Unification Party and one time editor of the University Spokesman, I know better than those who are accusing me. If I want to affiliate with any party, I will not do so secretly. It is my right, it is not stealing, but such cannot be while I am Chairman of the NEC. I know better.”

The frontier has been drawn. Fromayan knows better. Rather than him being quizzed repeatedly to link or delink, the tide should go the other way. Those who accuse him should rather prove his guilt. As it is argued in our jurisprudence, the burden of proof rests with the accuser.        

Let it beemphasizedthat Liberia has graduated from the age when personal anguish rather than clear and convince wrong committed by individual would be used as a tram card to deny someone the right to serve his country in a debate that has fallen to disfavor with contemporary logical discourse.

What is thewrong that Fromayan has committed?  In the present context, Fromayan’s only guilt perhaps is that he and President Sirleaf were both avowed critics of the Military regime and both fought tyranny with every sinew of their fabric and their rattling for democracy is a record they are proud of.

The point is, since 2005 these self-styled political Jews have not pointed to a single incident that a reasonable person would be inclined to determine and to join their cause. Therefore, the right time has come for them to produce evidence of Fromayan’s misdealing and wrongdoing which make him the Samaritan that is incapable to preside over the 2011 elections.

Not to dothis and to hide behind imagination and call for his removal and to continue to be malignant to the Commission is a parody which the Liberian electorate, given writings on the wall, are not prepared for.

As long as the critics have not been able to muster the fortitude up to this point to take Fromayan and those they suspect of wrongdoing at the NEC to court, the matter should be thrown out or otherwise it may just be a classified as a frivolous political argument that has arisen on the outskirts of the 2011 elections.    


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