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 NEC Did Not Submit Bill to Increase Aspirants’ Registration Fees April 9th, 2011

The National Elections Commission (NEC) wishes to clarify that at no time did it submit a bill to the National Legislature seeking an increment in aspirants’ registration fees as being reported by some media outlets.

The NEC is amazed that despite clarification by its Chairman at a press conference held on Tuesday, April 5, 2011, some media entities continue to misinform the public as to the true origin of the bill.

At this crucial time in a bid of sustaining our democracy, the Commission is bubbling with a number of electoral activities and it is not in its interest to be drawn into unnecessary frenzy of setting record straight, when the source of the bill was made known at the public hearing.

At the public hearing on the bill, it was made clear that the House Standing Committee on Elections and Inauguration submitted the bill in question and resource persons were only invited to give further insight on why the bill should be passed.

Given the forgoing, the Commission is calling on media entities that are involved in deliberate distortion of facts and misinformation campaign to set the record straight by reporting objectively. 


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