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 Cabinet Ministers Tour NEC Set Up For Processing OMR Forms March 8th, 2011

(NEC/ March 2, 2011/Monrovia) As Part of efforts to enhance transparency in the electoral process, the National Elections Commission (NEC) has over the last couple of weeks taken various stakeholders in the electoral process on a guided tour of its Data Center where Optical Marked Recognition  (OMR) Forms used in registering voters are being processed.
On  March 2, 2011 a cross section of  Cabinet Ministers were given a drill of how the OMR Forms are received from the field to the NEC Central Warehouse where they are subsequently forwarded to the  data center for sorting, validation, quality control, electronic and physical archiving.
The Cabinet delegation, led by the Foreign Minister, Toga Gaywea McIntosh visited the Central Warehouse and the Data Center where they were told the procedures and chain for the processing of Voter Registration forms.
 During the tour, the Data Center Coordinator, Floyd Oxley Sayor, NEC Soft Ware Developer, David Collee, explained to the Cabinet Ministers the intricacies of evolving a Provisional Registration Roll (PRR) which is expected to be exhibited from April 7 to 11, 2011.
Speaking on behalf of this colleagues at the close of the tour,, Postal Affairs Minister, Fredrick Norkeh, said they were extremely impressed with the set up saying, contrary to what detractors are saying about the lack of system at the NEC, the processing of the OMR Forms alone speaks volumes of sound organization at the NEC. The tour was conducted by the NEC Chairman, James M. Fromayan and other members of the Board of Commissioners.
The visit of the cabinet to NEC Headquarters is a sequel to a number of other visits paid by various stakeholders in the political arrangement of Liberia.
The Chairman of the House  Standing Committee on Elections and Inauguration, Hon. Gabriel Smith, the  Chairperson and Members  of the Senate Standing Committee on Elections and Autonomous Agencies, political parties representatives, civil society organizations, media executives among others groups and private individuals have also visited NEC on similar missions.

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