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 1,779,187 OMR FORMS PROCESSED February 28th, 2011

NEC wishes to report that the IT Section has received a total of 1,779,187 forms; out of which it has processed and archived 1,476, 484.  The analysis of the number of registrants thus far shows that there are 757, 604male registrants or 51%, while females registrants are 718,880 or 49%.
18 years old registrants’ account for 73,519 Average age is 36.

The IT Data Center of NEC is gradually winding down on the processing of OMR forms. The Commission expects the process to be completed by the end of this week to allow for the production of the Provisional Registration Roll (PRR) and ultimately pave the way for the EXHIBITION of the voters’ list   at the 1780 registration centers beginning April 7 to April 11, 2011 when it will be the time for the names of persons who registered to be displayed to allow them:
a.To check for their names on the list and their particulars to see if they are correct; and 
b.To see if other names of individuals on the list are not qualified to register because they are under 18 years; are not citizens of Liberia or are deceased.

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