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 NEC Chairperson Dedicates Buildings Constructed by UNDP in Margibi and Lower Bong Counties August 4th, 2020

MONROVIA……….The Chairperson of the National Elections Commission (NEC) has dedicated several new buildings constructed by the UNDP and partners in Margibi and Lower Bong Counties in Liberia.

Performing the ceremony Monday August 3, 2020, Hon. Davidetta Browne Lansanah expressed gratitude to the international partners, led by the UNDP for the unceasing level of support being rendered to the Liberia Elections Management Body.

Chairperson Lansanah said, “even during this the time of financial difficulties facing international partners globally due to the Coronavirus pandemic”, the UNDP, Canada, Sweden, Irish Aid, and the European Union continue to support the NEC in many different areas. She said security, which she described as “very important aspect of the electoral process in guaranteeing the conduct of free, fair and transparent elections throughout Liberia”, is one of the areas the partners are giving support.

The NEC Chairperson spoke simultaneously in Kakata, Margibi and Totota, Bong Counties when she received and dedicated a number of newly constructed and renovated buildings from the UNDP and Partners.

She promised to do all in the Commission’s powers, “with the limited resources available, to ensure that total maintenance of the facilities is carried out”. She warned the Senior Magistrates Gognkpa Blackie Krah and Fomba Swaray of Lower Bong and Margibi Counties that the issue of maintenance lays squarely under their supervision. 

The large warehouses, offices, generator houses, and the entire fencing of the Magisterial Offices in Kakata, Margibi and Totota lower Bong Counties were officially dedicated and turned over to the Elections Commission.

Turning the facilities over to the NEC, UNDP Program Resident Representative to Liberia, Pa Lamin Beyai, said the UNDP and partners were grateful to finally fulfill a request from the NEC to ensure a large storage of securing elections materials.

Dr. Lamin Beyai said the UNDP was only the face of the many partners making the financial contributions, which includes the governments of Canada and Sweden, European Union, and Irish Aid for the past five years, “to protecting the credibility of the elections commission”.

Dozens of citizens of Margibi and Lower Bong Counties, including local government officials as the Superintendent, District Commissioner, Students, and Civil Society Groupings attended the two separate colorful programs and expressed thanks to the UNDP and Partners for the gesture. They also challenged the NEC to maintain the facilities for the duration of the programs.

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