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 Stakeholders Urged to continue monitoring the Electoral law reform process until a new elections law is passed October 25th, 2019

October 25th, 2019

Stakeholders Urged to continue monitoring the Electoral law reform process until a new elections law is passed.

The National Elections Commission (NEC) Thursday October 24, 2019 called on electoral stakeholders to continue monitoring the electoral reform process until a new Elections law is passed.

The NEC’s Oversight Commissioner in charge of Political Affairs, Hon. Boakai Dukuly, communicated this at the closing of the three-day consultative workshop on electoral reforms by key stakeholders, held at the Buchanan City Hall in Grand Bassa County.

“I’m very impressed with the level of participation by all participants,” said Commissioner Dukuly. “The representation of women is equally impressive,” he added.

The Commissioner further thanked the NEC Technical Working Group (TWG) in charge of the Electoral Law Reform process, headed by NEC’s head of Programs Atty. Nathan Garbie, for their commitment, and ensuring that the consultative process was inclusive and reached all electoral stakeholders in different parts of the country.

He recognised the support from NEC’s Development Partners including UNDP and Partners--the European Union, Governments of Canada, Ireland and Sweden as well as USAID and the Carter Centre, that made it possible to roll out the Programme in various parts of the Country.

Also present was the UNDP National Programme Officer Mr. Roosevelt Zayzay who commended the participants for their active participation in the whole process.

He also recognised the tireless efforts of the NEC TWG and the UNDP Legal Reform Consultant, Cllr. Gloria Scott invested in making the electoral law reform consultative process successful.

Other speakers included representatives from the professional workers, Movie Union of Liberia, religious leaders, CSOs, Persons with Disabilities and Political Parties who thanked the NEC for engaging them in the electoral reform consultative processes.

One of the speakers, representing Political Parties Mr. Jacob Smith, Secretary General of Liberty Party, also used the same platform to inform the Commission that Political Parties had refurbished the IPCC Secretariat and drafted by-laws to govern the operations of the IPCC Secretariat which he submitted to Commissioner Dukuly on behalf on the Commission.

The Buchanan workshop, which was sponsored by UNDP and Partners- European Union, Governments of Canada, Ireland and Sweden, concluded the Election Law reform consultative process with electoral stakeholders. The results of this process will be validated by international experts, after which, a draft  proposal will be sent to the Legislature for enactment.  

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