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 NEC Receives Ballots for Grand Cape Mount County Senatorial By-election September 17th, 2019

NEC Release/September 17, 2019

NEC Receives Ballots for Grand Cape Mount County Senatorial By-election

The National Elections Commission (NEC) today received the Ballot papers for the conduct of the Grand Cape Mount County By-election, which is scheduled for Saturday October 5, 2019.

The ninety six thousand, two hundred and fifty (96,250) ballots which, arrived from neighboring Ghana includes tactile ballots for the visually impaired registered voters.

The consignment also includes training ballots, folders, and record of the counts.

The ballots were received and taken to a secured location under the Liberia National Police’s protection.

The Grand Cape Mount senatorial By-election comes as a result of the death one of the County’s senators, Edward Dagoseh. NEC recently qualified seven candidates for the race to replace the fallen senator.

On Saturday September 14, 2019, the Commission launched a vigorous civic and voter’s education in the County ahead of the election on October 5. The CVE launch simultaneously took place in Lofa Bridge, Sinjay, and the County’s capital Robertsport.


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