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 South African Based Observation Group Visits NEC September 14th, 2017

More International Elections Observation Missions to Liberia are continuing consultations with authorities of the National Elections Commission (NEC) ahead of the 2017 October elections.

The latest of these Observation Missions to hold consultation today September 14, 2017 with the Chairman of NEC Cllr. Jerome Korkoya was a two-man Pre-election Observation Mission from the South African based Group, Elections and Political Processes or EISA.

During the meeting, EISA team head Olufunto Akinduro said after consultations with several political parties, civil society groups and international observation missions, concerns were raised about the Final Voter Registration Roll, logistical and financial challenges in the wake of the draw down of the United Nations Mission to Liberia, UNMIL.

Responding, the NEC Boss said in keeping with chapter 3, of the Elections Law, the Commission has completed the final voter register and was now in the process of distribution, first to its 19 Magisterial Offices throughout the country and then to registered political parties.

Logistical constraints including the a possible standby position of hiring helicopters to air lift sensitive election materials to mostly the South-eastern region and parts of the western region, Gbarpulu and Lofa counties are of major concern to the Commission, Chairman Korkoya said.   

He said UNMIL has indicated that the Mission is considering air lifting some of the election materials but will decide whether its assistance will go to the South-eastern or Western region of Liberia.

Cllr. Korkoya said the final register contains 2, 183, 639 voters and that no further changes will be made as provided for in section 3.19, leaving only the Supreme Court with the sole authority to order any changes to the voter register.

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