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 NEC Accredits New Political Party July 9th, 2014

The National Elections Commission has accredited a new registered political party.

The People’s Unification Party (PUP) was certificated and accredited Monday at a ceremony held at the headquarters of the Commission in Monrovia.

During the ceremony, the Chairman of the National Elections Commission (NEC) described the accreditation of the People’s Unification Party as a committed demonstration of the Board of Commissioners to ensure the sustenance of multi-party democracy in Liberia.

 Chairman Jerome George Korkoya said the Commission will continue to interact responsibly with Political parties in the drive to jointly to foster democracy in Liberia. 

“What the Current BOC wants is Political Parties that will operate in the confines of the law and help the Commission to sustain the tenants of democracy throughout the country. What the Current BOC wants is Political Parties that will respect constituted authorities as governments in waiting, Political Parties that will not see politics as a boxing game.” Chairman Korkoya noted.

The NEC Boss said the certification and accreditation of the PUP was important because it helps the NEC to manage the political process in the country and further shows the commitment of the Commission to allow competition in the political process in a free, fair and transparent manner.

The Chairman of the People’s Unification Party, Henry W. Yallah said the certification and accreditation of the PUP dispels wide-spread public speculations that the NEC was inclined to reducing the number of political parties in Liberia.

Chairman Yallah promised that PUP will remain cooperative in working with the Commission to strengthen political participation in electoral activities in Liberia.

The Certification of the Peoples Unification Party brings to 32 the total numbers of registered Political Parties, Coalitions and Alliances in Liberia. 

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