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Friday, 27th May 2016 00:14:03
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Distinguished Citizens, Residents and Registered Voters of Electoral District # 11 Montserrado County:

The moment of decision making for you, the registered voters of Electoral District # 11, Montserrado County, has finally come. Tuesday, July 3, 2012 is the day for the Representative By-Election in your District.
All registered voters of Electoral District # 11 Montserrado County, will have the chance to decide the future of their district.
This is the opportunity you have to exercise your democratic franchise to vote in this By-Election. This By-Election is to determine which of the 11 candidates you prefer to be the new representative of your district.
This By-Election is yours, and only you can make the important decision. Remember that every single vote is important. As a registered voter, make sure to vote in Tuesday’s By-Election and decide which of the 11 candidates will represent you.
Please make the sacrifice. This is the chance you have to be a part of the decision making process for your district.
In order to vote on Tuesday, please bring along your voter registration card. Without your voter registration card, you cannot vote.  Please remember to bring along your umbrellas and raincoats, because this is the rainy season.
You will go to the same place you voted in 2011, except for Voting Precinct Code # 30158 located at the Sekou Abraham Sheriff Elementary and Junior High School in JJY Community which has been relocated to the Labor Congress located in the same JJY Community.
Voters with disability may bring along a friend or relative who is also a registered voter to help them in marking their ballots for the candidate of their choice.
Again, please remember that your choice in this By-Election will determine who you want to become your new representative. I urge you therefore, to turn out in large numbers and vote wisely. You are all winners when you come together to elect your new representative on July 3, 2012.
I thank you.
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