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Presidential Run-Off -The Final Vote - November 8, 2005

Queued Up For The Final Vote

More security deployed

Security is present

Not Enough for the Queue Positions

A Short Voting Queue

Early Morning Queue

UNMIL Security addressing an issue

Voters Well Composed and ready to vote

Next Please

Police Officer advice voters to be orderly and calm

"I Am Not Leaving You Behind, My Child"

"I Wonder...Your Decision Is My Future..Vote Right, I Beg"

The Handicap Goes To Vote Happily

Assisting The Elderly To Vote Right

Voting Officers await voters

He Votes Liberia

She Votes Liberia

He's voting Liberia

And She Came Out To Vote Liberia Also

Going To Be Inked, an Observer Looks On

One is Deciding; The Other Have

The Left Index Finger marked after voting

"I Have Finally Voted Right For You, Children Of Liberia"

A Disable Lady Displays Her Voter Card After Voting Liberia

Presidential Candidate Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Votes For Libeira

Presidential Candidate George Manneh Weah Votes For Liberia

NEC Chairman & Special Representative of The Secretary General At A Press Conference - November 8, 2005 - 7pm

Parties Observers Carefully Watch For The Counting

The Ballots Are Openly Display To The Observers

Polling Officers Counts Under the Watchful Eyes Of Parties Observers

All Eyes Are On The Counting Process

Carefully Counting Delicate Presidential Ballots

Counted Bit by Bit; On Ballot At A Time

A Party Observer Tallies And Keeps Her Records At A Polling Place