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Political Parties /Coalition/Alliance Listing

National Reformation Party (NRP)
Free Democratic Party (FDP)
National Party of Liberia (NPL)
National Patriotic Party (NPP)
Liberty Party (LP)
Unity Party (UP)
United Democratic Alliance (UDA)
Labor Party of Liberia (LPL)
All Liberia Coalition Party (ALCOP)
Nation Democratic Party of Liberia (NDPL)
Union of Liberian Democrats (ULD)
Liberia Equal Right Party (LERP)
Liberia National Alliance (LNA)
New Deal Movement (NDM)
Congress for Democratic Change (CDC)
Freedom Alliance Party of Liberia (FAPL)
Liberia Destiny Party (LDP)
Reform United Liberia Party (RULP)
Progressive Democratic Party (PRODEM)
National Vision Party of Liberia (NATVIPOL)
Alliance for Peace and Democracy (APD)
Coalition for Transformation of Liberia (COTOL)



There are 30 (thirty) registered political parties in Liberia. A total of 25 political entities are contesting the October 11, 2005 elections. This includes two political alliances and one coalition - Alliance for Peace and Democracy (APD), United Democratic Alliance (UDA) and Coalition for Transformation of Liberia (COTOL) - and one independent candidate. See the list of political parties and candidates nominated by the parties here.

The representative of Political Parties and Independent Candidates registered to contest in the 2005 Elections are entitled to monitor the electoral process as set forth in the Section 4.9 of the 1986 New Elections Law. The National Elections Commission is vested with the authority to accredit the representatives to monitor the polling precincts in which the party has nominated the candidate or in which the independent candidate is a candidate. To request accreditation, the political party and independent candidate shall submit Form PPCR 001, a list of nominated representatives on PPCR 002 and a declaration of representative using PPCR 003 forms respectively. The Code of Conduct for Political Parties and Independent Candidates and Guidelines for the Representatives of the Political Parties and Independent Candidates can be found at the Legal Documents section of the website.