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Biography of Cllr. Elizabeth J. Nelson


Co-Chairman Elizabeth J. Nelson:

She is an astute lady and holds a BA degree in Political Science form the University of Liberia and an LLB from the Louis Arthur Grimes Schools of Law. Commissioners Boyenneh is past President of the Association of Female Lawyers of Liberia (AFELL).

AFELL advocates for the rights, promotion and advancement of women of Liberia. She worked for about 22 years with LIBTRACO, a heavy duty equipment company in Liberia as its Administrative Manager/In-house Lawyer. She served the Meridien Bank as one of the Legal Counselors for 4 years. She is one of the framers of the famous Inheritance Act. She has regional responsibility for Bong and Nimba Counties. She has an oversight for Administration and Civic Education at the National Elections Commission (NEC).

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