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Key Electoral Dates for Elections 2005

January 31 NEC Civic Education Campaign Commences
March 11 Final date for notification by parties of intention to canvas for Membership
April 11 Final date for submission of Applications to register as a political party
April 11 Last day for publication of list of registration locations
April 25 – May 25 Voter Registration
May 23 - June 4 Special Period of Returnee Registration
June 30 – July 2 Exhibition of Preliminary voters Roll
July 15 Writ of Elections issued
July 15 Publication of Electoral Districts
July 21 Nomination of Candidates begins
August 6 Final day for Nomination of Candidates
August 15 Publication of Official final list of Candidates
August 15 PoliticalCampaign begins
September 30 Last day for list of Polling Centers to be Published

October 9

Campaign period ends (24) hours before election day

October 11

Election Day

October 26

Announcement of Final Election Results not later than October 26

November 8

Run-Off Election for Presidency