Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is Present at the polling place on polling day?

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Who is allowed to enter the polling place?


Eligible voters, polling officials, accredited representatives of political parties and independent candidates, accredited electoral observers (national and international), special guests, accredited members of the media, Liberia National Police.



Liberian citizens who present their Voter Registration Card at the place where they have been registered. Voters will line up outside the polling place, awaiting their turn to come in and cast their votes.


      Polling Officials

NEC polling officials will be wearing specific NEC T-shirts. The officials are: Presiding Officer; Queue Controller; Voter Identification Officer; Ballot Paper Issuer; Ballot Box Controller, and Inker. The Presiding Officer is in charge of the polling place.


      Accredited Media

Journalists carrying NEC accreditation badges and one additional ID-card are allowed to be present in the polling place. Media is only allowed to interview the Presiding Officer at the polling place and should not, by any means, interrupt the polling activities. If a journalist wishes to take pictures or film a person placing his/her ballot in the ballot box, this has to be cleared both with the Presiding Officer and the person placing the ballot. A journalist may not take pictures or film a person marking his/her ballot.


      Liberia National Police (LNP)

LNP are responsible for the security at the voting precinct. They are to be stationed at the polling precinct but outside the polling place, unless the Presiding Officer

requests his/her presence inside the

polling place.


What is the role of Political Party Representatives?


To ensure that the election is free, fair and transparent political parties and independent candidates may appoint representatives to monitor the polling process.


Representatives may witness all processes in the polling place except the act of a voter recording his/her vote.


Representatives may bring their concerns about polling procedures to the attention of the Presiding Officer, yet without interfering in the polling process.


Representatives will wear a badge issued to them by the NEC.


What will be the role of observers?


Observers may witness all processes in the voting precinct except the act of the voter recording his/her vote. They may make their own record of seal numbers, of the number of voters and of any other relevant process. However they may not communicate with voters inside the polling place.


What should observers do if they have concerns?


Observers should not interfere in the electoral process. They should bring their concerns to the attention of the NEC, not polling staff. They should submit their report(s) to the Commission in a timely fashion so that findings and recommendations can be considered.


Will there be security at polling places?


The LNP are responsible for security of the voting precinct. LNP officers will be assigned to individual voting precincts.