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What/Who is the media?


Media refers to the various bodies which disseminate information to the public using differing mediums of communication, such as TV, radio and press. Collectively they are called media.

Journalists, reporters, columnists and others are practitioners of the field.



What is the role of the media in the Elections?


To provide accurate, timely and relevant information about parties, policies, candidates and the election process itself so that voters can make an informed choice. The media must also report fairly on what the voters view as their biggest issues and concerns, so that public opinion is expressed.


What are the laws governing the conduct of media in Liberia during the electoral process?


The Press Union of Liberia (PUL) has issued a Code of Conduct that states that any journalist or media institution found in reckless violation of the provided by the Code of Conduct or who engages in reporting that will negatively impact the election process, will be condemned in a statement issued by the PUL. The Union shall also institute other measures to sanction violators.


How does the media report in a trustworthy and accurate manner?


The quality of reporting is evidenced by the facts provided, sources quoted and the relevance of information. The media has an ethical responsibility to verify that all documents they present to the public are accurate, though these ethics are not practiced by all media practitioners.


How does media avoid biased reporting?


Bias is when there is leaning toward or against a candidate/party. Media avoid bias and provide balanced reporting by; providing equal coverage to all parties/candidates and not just favorites, by not under reporting incidents or events which may have negative consequences for candidates/ political parties, and by basing reports on facts, not on opinion or hearsay.


What is the role of the media after the Elections?


Following the election the media must; report on the outcome of the elections, review the process retrospectively, report on the composition of the new government, and on the mandates and policies of the new legislative bodies. The media must also reflect public opinion of the outcome of the election; credibility of counting, acceptance of results, and the direction the country takes with new leadership.