Press Statement

8 October, 2005


End Of Campaign Period



The NEC wishes to remind political parties and candidates that the official campaign period will end on October 9, 2005. As per the GUIDELINES RELATING TO THE REGISTRATION OF POLITICAL PARTIES AND INDEPENDENT CANDIDATES, the official campaign period for 2005 Elections extends from August 15 to October 9, 2005.


Please be aware that the following actions constitute campaigning and may not take place on Monday October 10, and Tuesday October 11, 2005;


a) Political rallies.

b) Political broadcasts, statements and political messages in print and electronic media.

c) Posting of posters, flyers, buntings, advertisement on billboards, public and private buildings and light poles.

d) Distributing or wearing t-shirts, caps and other promotional items.


The NEC wishes to reiterate that parties, Independent candidates and their supporters should refrain from the above actions following the official closure of the campaign period, as such activity would constitute an elections offence punishable under Chapter 10 of the 2004 amended Elections Laws.


In addition, on October 10 and October 11, the following actions are not allowed within 100 meters of a voting precinct:


a)      Campaigning or canvassing for votes.

b)      Displaying posters or any other material related to the election.

c)      Using a loudspeaker.


Polling staff will remove all campaign materials from the 100 meter area around the entrance to a voting precinct. Voting screens will be checked regularly during the day to ensure that no political materials have been placed on them.


The NEC urges Liberians to use October 10 as a day to reflect on the platforms and positions presented by political parties and candidates during the campaign period.


All Liberians are encouraged to vote their minds and hearts, and elect those leaders who they believe will achieve the most for the nation.



* *** *